Personalized Trend Extends tp Furniture

Comfortable Furniture Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

MONROE, Mich. – Imagine sitting in furniture that is too high for your feet to touch the ground or reclining in a chair with a back so low that it barely reaches your neck. When furnishing a room, “one size fits all” is a difficult task. It is important to consider personal preferences and personal comfort when it comes to furniture, including heights and sizes of family members.

“There are several factors that consumers should keep in mind when making a furniture purchasing decision, and one of them is body size,” said Penny Eudy, director of upholstery merchandising at La-Z-Boy.

Eudy suggests that consumers measure their current furniture and then go shopping armed with a measuring tape, ready to test several types of chairs. She tells consumers to consider three things when choosing the best furniture for their individual comfort: seat depth, height and sofa length.

  • Seat Depth – The depth of the chair affects the overall sit and has a big impact on comfort. The knees of the person sitting should fit comfortably over the edge of the chair. A tall person with long legs will need extra depth to avoid cramped knees doubling as a chin support.
  • Height – To accomplish full support from the lower back to the neck for taller people, look into chairs with a longer length back, such as “Trevorton” by La-Z-Boy which has 47 inches of height. Look at chairs with smaller heights for kids from the ground to the seat. Have a family of different sizes? Showcase the same style recliner in different scales. For this try “Atlas” and “Gavin”, two La-Z-Boy chairs that look similar and cater to size differences.
  • Sofa Length – Some are more comfortable with their legs closer to their body and do not need extra space to feel at ease, or, some like to stretch and spread out. For this scenario look into a modular sofa like the La-Z-Boy “Reese” and with ottomans or a chaise, create varied lengths at different parts catering to diverse sizes all in the same space. Make sure to give sofas the “lay down” test so you fit comfortably in for a cat-nap. Families with tall individuals may need to opt for an extra long sofa like “Rossdale.”

About La-Z-Boy

Headquartered in Monroe, Mich., La-Z-Boy has been producing some of the world’s most comfortable furniture for over 85 years. The company manufactures a full line of comfortable products for the living room and family room, including the company’s world-famous recliners, reclining sofas and love seats, sleep sofas, modular furniture and leather upholstery, as well as stationary sofas, love seats and chairs. It is a division of La-Z-Boy Incorporated (NYSE: LZB), one of the world’s leading residential furniture producers, marketing furniture for every room of the home. "Live Life Comfortably.®"