Calm Down: It's National Stress Awareness Day

No Need to Worry: Relaxing on Reclining Furniture Can Ease Stress

MONROE, Mich.- Thousands of stressors regularly put the pressure on Americans - from work and school schedules to relationships and money. In order to bring awareness to a growing stress epidemic, April 16 was established as National Stress Awareness Day. Conveniently held one day after Tax Day, National Stress Awareness Day is the perfect day to take a step back and take control of stress - with reclining">furniture!

Reclining Furniture Can Ease Stress

Doctors recognize the importance of relaxing and reclining in furniture at home to keep stress levels low. According to a recent study* of primary care physicians:

  • An overwhelming 9 in 10 doctors agree that relaxation is important to reduce stress.
  • The vast majority of doctors (96 percent) agree that sitting at home in reclining furniture promotes relaxation.
  • On average, doctors recommend about one hour of relaxation each day, in conjunction with other healthy behaviors, to relieve stress.

While stress is inevitable, and can even be good for you when managed in healthy ways, extreme stress can take a serious toll on quality of life.

"Many underestimate the significance that stress can have on emotional, mental and even physical health," said Dr. Dave David, a board-certified physician who has been practicing medicine for more than 30 years. "Taking the time to relax and unwind each day can be very beneficial in many ways, so it is important to identify your sources of stress and find healthy ways to manage it."

Dr. David recommends using recliners that offer total body and lumbar support as well as varying degrees of reclining, as each person has unique support needs."> La-Z-Boy recliners feature truly customizable reclining comfort with a number of exclusive features, including Patented Full-Body Recline Layout to ensure total body support at all times.

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