Built-In Cooler Adds Convenience to Furniture For Serious Armchair Quarterbacks

Recliners Get Even Cooler with New La-Z-Boy® “Chill”

It’s fourth and long and you are glued to your seat with eyes on the TV. The center snaps the ball just as your friend asks, “can I get another drink?” Now you must call the play – blitz to the kitchen and grab one, like a good host should? Or run interference so you don’t miss the big play? For every armchair furniture quarterback who has ever had to choose, the game is changing.

Just in time to become an essential player in football’s post-season, La-Z-Boy furniture is bringing back the perfect game day accessory. Pairing a comfortable seat with a cool place to hold a drink, “Chill” is available at a La-Z-Boy furniture retailer near you.

“The cooler comeback is not only a victory for sports fans, it’s also another bonus for consumers who love recliners,” said Paula Hoyas, vice president of merchandising for La-Z-Boy furniture.

“Chill” is a full recliner with a flip-arm thermo-electric cooler. With this feature, consumers can store up to six 12-ounce cans, relaxing with a cold beverage in-hand during every play. No unnecessary trips to the refrigerator. No interrupted game.

“With the advent of multi-channel sport packages, football weekends have become afternoons jam packed with flipping from one game to the next, essentially eliminating commercial breaks. Football fans don’t have to get up with ‘Chill’,” said Hoyas.

Furniture Features

Going into overtime? No problem. Kick back and let game-time tensions go with heat and massage features. Complete with two-temperature heat, two motors and three speeds, the chair is comfortable and soothing at the same time. “Chill” also means to relax, which is fitting since according to a recent survey* of primary care physicians, 94 percent of doctors say daily relaxation at home, in conjunction with other healthy behaviors, is important to reduce stress – perfect for game-day tensions.

La-Z-Boy offered the cooler feature along with heat and massage in the past,” said Hoyas. “Because of the features’ popularity and another great playoff season underway, we thought the time was right to reinstate this comfortable style and invite sports fans to really relax.”

The new “Chill” recliner by La-Z-Boy is available now through La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, La-Z-Boy Comfort Studio® dealers and anywhere genuine La-Z-Boy furniture is sold. Customers can visit la-z-boy.com to find the La-Z-Boy dealer nearest them.

  • This survey of 300 primary care physicians (PCPs) in the U.S. was completed for La-Z-Boy by the L.C. Williams & Associates (LCWA) Research Group

About La-Z-Boy

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