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Full Aniline Leather

Handcrafted premium leathers treated with Aniline dye to preserve the natural, rustic beauty that makes each upholstered piece unique.

This enhanced Crypton finish provides an invisible, protective shield that prolongs the life of the leather.

  • Protects against harmful UV damage
  • Repels dust, dirt and stains
  • Environmentally safe
  • Replenishes natural oils
Crypton Leather Enhance uses bio-renewable materials and is produced from sand or mined silicon metal, and is not petroleum-based. We only use chemistry that is safe for humans and the environment.

Beauty is often defined by natural imperfections
such as wrinkles, scarring and blemishes.

The following images are examples of the types of surface imperfections, including branding (not shown), that could be visible.
*Made in America with U.S. and imported raw materials.

Leather Care Basics

  • Avoid Prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Many stains will dissipate into the hide naturally
  • Vacuum often. Dust using a dry cloth or slightly dampen with distilled water
  • Ask your sales associate to recommend a cleaner specifically designed for Aniline leather
  • Blot spills quickly with a dry cloth
  • Some darkening is to be expected
  • Allow to air dry naturally