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Going into business as a new La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries owner is one of the most exciting ways to enter the retail industry. We guide the process. We support your needs. We help you succeed. And, we can make it happen … right here, right now.

Question: How long does it take to get a new store up and running?
Answer: It takes approximately 9-12 months to construct and open a La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries store.

Question: What criteria must a site meet in order to be selected as a location for a future La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries?
Answer: Typically, a potential site must be located in an area that has a population of 200,000, a total of 90,000 single family homes and a traffic count of 40,000 cars per day or more.

Question: In terms of size, just how much space is required to build a La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries?
Answer: Roughly 1.4 acres.

Question: What are the dimensions of a new format La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries?
Answer: Stores can range in size from 15,519 – 20,479 sq. ft., providing 13,000 – 16,966 sq. ft. of selling space.

Question: Can you describe the cosmetic and structural changes that make new format La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries stores different from their predecessors?
Answer: For starters, there is the new La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries logo; plus, additional amenities like the brickwork on portico columns, the tiered entrance finished in a rich golden tan color, and the wide, circular pathway that guides customers through each of the galleries.

Question: If I become a licensee, what in-store support can I expect to receive from La-Z-Boy?
Answer: We will assist you with everything from merchandise arrangement and construction to visual elements, architectural details and lighting requirements.

Question: Once we sign on to the program, where do we begin?
Answer: Our first and most important task is to develop a Gantt Chart schedule for your project. Through the power of Microsoft® Project software, this chart details every step of construction from initial floor plan drawing to Grand Opening.

Question: How encompassing is the La-Z-Boy product line?
Answer: We offer hundreds of styles and more than one thousand fabrics.

Question: Does La-Z-Boy offer assistance in selecting particular merchandise for display?
Answer: Certainly, through our Model Merchandising Guide, you can reference complete upholstery product listings, including best-selling items. All the planning has been done for you.

Question: How do I know which accessory companies to use?
Answer: Simply turn to the La-Z-Boy Accessory Resource Guide. It includes a complete listing of companies in the United States and Canada whose products are approved for resale.

Question: Does La-Z-Boy provide additional marketing opportunities?
Answer: In addition to our customized dealer Web site program, La-Z-Boy offers a branded MasterCard® program that simplifies consumer purchases, keeping your store top-of-mind with consumers.