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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Does La-Z-Boy Incorporated manufacture recliners for children?
A: La-Z-Boy does not produce recliners designed for children.

Q: When ordering a recliner, may I request to have the handle located on the left side instead of on the right?
A: Many of our recliners can be ordered with the handle on the left side. This option would have to be special ordered, since all of our recliners are manufactured with the handles on the right.

Q: Can I purchase slipcovers from you?
A: We do not manufacture slipcovers for our furniture. However, many of the authorized dealers employ sales personnel consisting of design specialists that may be able to assist you with additional ideas or alternatives that may fit your needs.

Q: Do you have furniture for people with special needs?
A: La-Z-Boy Incorporated manufactures a diverse selection of furniture styles in an attempt to meet the various needs of our customers. Our residential division produces an electric powered lift chair, which is operated by a hand control. It assists with seating, exiting, reclining and raising and lowering the footrest. It proves beneficial for persons with limited mobility. This chair is available in various styles. For further information regarding our Luxury Lift® chairs, please contact your nearest authorized La-Z-Boy retail dealership.

Q: I have a Wall Recliner chair. Can I have a swivel base put on it?
A: Due to the design of the mechanism for this style of chair, a swivel base cannot be put on a Wall Recliner. Swivel bases can only be installed on a Reclina Rocker or Reclina Rest chairs. A swivel base is considered an option, so there would be an additional cost. Your authorized La-Z-Boy dealer will be able to advise you of the charge.

Q: May I purchase fabric yardage from you?
A: You may purchase yardage through your local La-Z-Boy retailer. They can advise you of the price per yard. Our fabrics are 54” wide.

Q: Does La-Z-Boy offer reupholstering services?
A: La-Z-Boy does not offer reupholstering services. Please contact a local upholsterer for assistance in having your furniture recovered.

Q: May I order a swatch from you?
A: Your Local La-Z-Boy retailer has the ability to order swatches through their normal channels. Please contact them directly for assistance.

Q: I have a recliner. How can I remove the back from it to make it easier to move or transport?
A: This information and a diagram are listed in the operating instructions that accompany each La-Z-Boy product. On the lower portion of the back on each side there is a bracket that has a locking arm. The arms need to be raised up to a 30-45 degree angle in order to pull the back up and off the recliner. To put the back on, line it up with the brackets that come out from under the seat and gently slide it down into place. Then put the locking arms in the down position to lock the back on.

Q: I would like to customize or modify a piece of La-Z-Boy furniture. Can you tell me how?
A: La-Z-Boy does not offer customizing of the original design of our products. Some products do have options available. Please contact a local La-Z-Boy retailer for more information.