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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: A friend or relative has a chair that fits me perfectly, but La-Z-Boy no longer produces that style. May I special order it?
A: In an attempt to meet the various needs of our customers, we introduce new products twice a year. Unfortunately, to make room for the new styles, we must discontinue some as well. Once we have discontinued a style, we can no longer produce it. Please be sure to visit an authorized La-Z-Boy dealership to try some of the many other styles of furniture. A sales associate will be able to assist you with a piece of furniture to fit your needs.

Q: I have a Back Jack that states it was manufactured by the La-Z-Boy Chair Company. How can I get a new cover for it or more Back Jacks?
A: La-Z-Boy sold the manufacturing rights for the Back Jack to another company several years ago. You may contact B. J. Industries regarding these products. Their phone number is 410-686-5200. You can also find these products being sold through various online retailers.