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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I clean my fabric?
A: To successfully clean fabric, it is important to determine the type of fabric and the recommended cleaning code. This information can be found on the identification tag attached to the furniture. For any type of cleaning, we recommend that a professional upholstery cleaner be contacted. For additional information and cleaning codes, please visit the Fabric and Leather Care section under 'Customer Care' on this website.

Q: What is pilling, and what are the effects regarding my fabric?
A: Pilling is characteristic of many upholstered fabrics and results from excess fiber coming off the surface of the material. This release of excess fiber results in small balls or "pills" forming on the surface of the material. This condition is not warranted by the fabric mills because it is not a defect. It is simply excess material being released. This is similar to the fuzzing experienced with new carpet or the pilling of a new sweater. The concern of some consumers has been that the fabric is disintegrating and will ultimately leave a bald area on the cover. That is not the case. As with carpets and sweaters, the pilling will persist until the excess fiber is gone, and then it will cease. The best treatment while this is happening is to simply shave the fabric with a battery operated furniture or sweater shaver to remove the pills and restore the look of the cover surface. This may need to be done 3-4 times, but the pilling on the surface will begin to diminish and ultimately stop.