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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I care for my leather furniture?
A: La-Z-Boy offers several different types of leather upholstery for its furniture. If cared for properly, this natural material will maintain its beauty and usefulness for many years. Direct exposure to strong light can cause any leather to fade, so always protect leather from direct sunlight or other intense light sources. Daily or weekly dusting and vacuuming with a brush attachment is recommended for normal maintenance of leather. For detailed information regarding our leather line and its care and maintenance, please visit the Fabric and Leather Care section under 'Customer Care' on this website.

Q: How do I choose the leather that’s right for me?
A: La-Z-Boy offers two very easy to maintain varieties of leather: Performance and Authentic. Performance leathers are tough enough for everyday life and great for homes with small children and pets. They have a protective coating which keeps it looking great for years to come and offers a smoother, more consistent appearance. Authentic leathers are one-of-a-kind creations for people who appreciate rare natural beauty and unique character. The Authentic leathers have not been altered or retouched, ensuring a distinctive look and soft, supple feel.

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