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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What if after I receive my new furniture, I decide it doesn’t coordinate with my home décor as well as I thought it would. May I exchange it?
A: We are confident that the sales staff at the authorized retail dealerships will work closely with you to choose home furnishings that will complement your existing accessories. In the unlikely event that you purchase a piece of furniture and find that it does not coordinate with your home decor, please contact your dealer for assistance. These independent retail dealerships establish their own policies regarding exchanges and refunds, so be sure to inquire as to what those policies state before you purchase.

Q: My furniture was not delivered in its original shipping box, or the box was opened when my furniture was delivered, why?
A: Upon receipt of our furniture, it is the dealer's responsibility to "prep" the furniture just as a car is prepped before it is delivered to the consumer. In order for the dealer to do this, they must open the boxes and remove the furniture to ensure that everything meets our manufacturing specifications. Many dealers will then return the item back into the shipping box and some will blanket wrap the merchandise before delivering to your home.

Q: If I have a question regarding billing or financing, who should I contact?
A: Please be sure to contact the independent retail dealership from whom you made your purchase. La-Z-Boy Incorporated does not handle billing or financing for any of the authorized dealerships. Since these dealers establish their own policies and procedures regarding the terms of the sale, billing, financing, etc., any questions regarding the sale of your furniture should be directed to them.

Q: What is the affiliation between the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries retail dealerships and the manufacturer La-Z-Boy Incorporated?
A: The La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries are independently operated. The long-standing relationships between the dealers and the manufacturer have a worldwide reputation for their commitment to providing quality products for you and your family to enjoy. We rely on these dealerships to provide the best possible sales and service regarding your furniture. For questions regarding the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, please contact their store management directly. To find La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in your area, please visit the Store Locator on this website.

Q: If I have purchased furniture and notice that the item(s) have since gone on sale, may I receive the sale price?
A: This would be the decision of the independent retail dealership. Normally the dealer’s sale prices do not take affect until the day of the sale, so any type of price adjustment(s) would be at the dealer’s discretion.