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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: My furniture is not comfortable. May I exchange it?
A: La-Z-Boy Incorporated prides themselves at producing fine, quality home furnishings for you and your family. We manufacture several different styles of furniture in an attempt to meet the needs of all of our various customers. Generally, the seating comfort is selected at the time the order is placed at the local retail dealership. If you have a concern regarding the comfort of your furniture, please contact the independent retail dealership where it was purchased. They will need to inspect it to determine if it meets our manufacturing specifications. If they find that it does, the dealer would not be able to make any changes to the product. Since these authorized La-Z-Boy dealerships establish their own policies regarding refunds, exchanges, etc., the option of an exchange or refund would need to be addressed with them.

Q: What if after I receive my new furniture, I decide it doesn't coordinate with my home décor as well as I thought it would. May I exchange it?
A: We are confident that the sales staff at the authorized retail dealerships will work closely with you to choose home furnishings that will compliment your existing accessories. In the unlikely event that you purchase a piece of furniture and find that it does not coordinate with your home decor, please contact your dealer for assistance. These independent retail dealerships establish their own policies regarding exchanges and refunds, so be sure to inquire as to what those policies state before you purchase.

Q: I have been receiving ads and sales information form a local La-Z-Boy retailer. Can you remove me from your mailing list?
A: We, the furniture manufacturer, do not maintain a mailing list. Please contact the local La-Z-Boy retailer, who should be listed on any mailing you are receiving, and advise them of your request to be removed from their list.