Free In-Home Design

Free In Home Design

Great design inspiration doesn’t usually happen in isolation. It takes a team – you and a knowledgeable La-Z-Boy design pro. You’ll feel comfortable because we do a lot of listening. You’ll feel confident because we use the latest digital tools to help you visualize what your new room will look like. Just call your nearest dealer to discuss a free In-Home Design appointment. 

  • Come to Us or Let Us Come to You
  • 3D Room Planner
5 Easy Steps

1. The Intro

What colors make you smile? What fabrics speak to the inner you? What inspires you? We’ll get to know you and your style so we can help fulfill your vision within your budget. 

The Plan

2. The Plan

Is it a small square room or a large rectangular room? Is there a lot of light? What’s the ceiling height? It all affects the overall look of your space. Working with your floor plan, we’ll start planning the room together.

The Layout

3. The Layout

A lamp here. A table there. The perfect rug. An added touch that has you written all over it. We’ll make sure it all works together seamlessly to capture what you’re after

The Reveal

4. The Reveal

You’ve thought about it and thought about it. We’ve worked out the details together. You loved the way it looked on paper – and now it’s time for your dream to become reality.



5. Enjoy!

You’re not just admiring your design. You’re living it. The room is an extension of who you are. The satisfaction that comes from knowing you did it? That’s immeasurable.

The Finishing Touch

See how our own Vanessa Labriola designs a room around your style

Watch Vanessa’s design skills at work >


Kelly Edwards

Take a look at what Kelly Edwards has to say about your sense of style

See Kelly in Action >

Schedule an Appointment

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Our professional design staff is trained and certified by La-Z-Boy to work with your sense of style and your budget. Experience the comfort of shopping for furniture your way with the help of our designers. We will work around your schedule with convenient appointment times.

No design project is too big. Plan an entire room or just choose colors and accents with our help.

3D Room Planner

Can’t wait to get started? That’s how we feel.

Get started on designing your own room in amazing 3D reality. Customize, create and rearrange your room using La-Z-Boy furniture and fabrics. Add windows, doors, floors and even change the wall color. Share it online with family and friends, then bring your design to the store and we’ll help you finalize the details. 

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