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Worlds Greatest Reclining Sale - Limited Time Only!

World's Greatest Reclining Sale

Folks, yes, we are open for business...That said...



Personally as an owner, I wanted to address anyone that visits our website.  We  do understand that we all are under a time of crisis.  We are now evaluating how to further conduct business that is best suited for our valued customers.  If you choose to have a one on one consultation, we would be happy to schedule that for you, therefore minimizing any contact necessary.  We are here for you as a valued customer in any way that we may positively provide.  While we are still under guarded safety precautions, we do want you to know that your health is at our ultimate interest.  We, as a privately owned company respect the gravity of what we are all going through worldwide.  Stay strong and all come together (figureatively and supportively)  in what ever manner that may be .


Safeness to all...Please contact us for any concerns or questions. 

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