La-Z-Boy Helps Moms #TakeComfort Through Special Day of Community, Sharing and Back-to-School Surprises

List of Top Back to School #MomFails Released

MONROE, MICH., (Sept. 8, 2015) - La-Z-Boy is celebrating mothers across the U.S. and Canada today by recognizing the ups – and downs – that go along with getting their children back-to-school. By creating a community of parents who can share their stories of the chaos, they can #TakeComfort in knowing they are not alone. Many moms spend countless hours getting ready for the big day, from purchasing school supplies to new clothes, and yet despite all their efforts and meticulous preparation, the inevitable happens and the day doesn’t go according to plan. Someone sleeps past the alarm, orange juice spills on that new shirt …it’s a total #MomFail.

The bright side of any #MomFail is the enduring sense of camaraderie among parents – and every mom who has been there, done that. Not to mention all of the funny stories that get shared with friends and family, and passed down through the ages.

“We recognize that sometimes, things don’t go as planned,” said Amy Hellebuyck, mom of two and brand content and PR manager at La-Z-Boy. “We can spend all the time in the world creating “Pinterest Perfect” lunches, packing backpacks and getting breakfast ready, but on that first day of school, something usually goes wrong. True to our mantra, La-Z-Boy wants to help moms take comfort in their #MomFails by celebrating the effort with others who can laugh and cry along with us. It’s comfort through community.”

By celebrating these self-proclaimed #MomFails shared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, La-Z-Boy will help mothers #TakeComfort and feel better about their back-to-school mishaps with surprise and delights taking place throughout the day.

La-Z-Boy encourages parents to share their stories about their back-to-school #MomFails on Tuesday, September 8 for an opportunity to receive special giveaways that will range from gift cards to furniture and beyond.

While there are so many things that could go wrong on the first day back to school, using a third party monitoring tool, La-Z-Boy has aggregated the top list of what did go wrong, thanks to Moms sharing their stories at #MomFails:

10. Equipment failure. Whether it was last year’s carry over or a brand new bag with quality issues, Moms across the country report breaking zippers and straps of the carefully loaded backpack full of new supplies.

9. Number nine of the list goes to Moms who refuse to let their child go to school unprepared and make the late night – or even early morning – run to the store for last minute school supplies.

8. They’ve had months to do the summer homework, but, as they tucked their little ones in the night before school, plenty of Moms heard “uh oh, I forgot to read Old Man and the Sea/Catcher in the Rye/that biography on Lincoln.”

7. Back-to-school anxiety seems to affect Mom’s memory. Social media shares include lots of forgotten lunches, backpacks and even those who let the kids run off without taking their first day of school pictures.

6. Blame the new math. Many well-educated Moms readily admit they can’t help with the homework and we applaud their openness with each other and their tried-and-true excuses for their kids – “You’re not going to learn if I do it for you!”

5. Schedules are hectic. Moms are over it. Day one was fraught with missed pick-ups, drop-offs, friends left waiting and late arrivals to work.

4. Moms are so proud of their kid’s adorable/cool/trendy back-to-school looks. Until they come home from day one and Mom notices the price tag dangling from the back of their neck. Not so polished anymore.

3. In the top three #MomFails … Moms across America struggled with getting the kids out of bed. Showing up late on day one was an all too common occurrence, but better late than never.

2. Lots of Moms did get their kids up just right … without tags, backpacks properly stuffed and working, lunches packed properly … they just showed up at the wrong school. Oops.

1. And the number one Mom fail of the 2015 school year … “What? School starts today?!” Yes it did, Mom, yes it did.

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