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La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
21320 Signal Hill Plaza
Sterling, VA, 20164
(571) 434-7687
(571) 434-7687

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When you enter a La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries store, you enter a world of comfort, service and selection. Whether you're searching for ideas to decorate your home, or that perfect piece to complete your room, our Design Center is the place to find it all. You'll be instantly inspired by hundreds of stylish fabrics and leathers that you can custom order. And with the La-Z-Boy Screen Test® system, you'll gain peace of mind by previewing your furniture before you leave the store.

Nominated BEST FURNITURE STORE in Sonoma County by The Press Democrat "The Best of Sonoma County Readers Choice 2021".


Here's what our customers are saying about their experience.

Jennifer C. - "My disabled father's expensive year-old power-lift recliner broke down last night and he had a difficult and painful night without it.  Fortunately the La-Z Boy store in Santa Rosa had stock on exactly what we needed - including heat and massage - and even paid the sales tax!  I called Autumn twice to check on stock before I came in, and found her to be friendly and knowledgeable.  It's such a relief to ask a basic question and get a direct response!
By the time the on-line retailer got back to us to set up an expensive appointment days from now, my dad was taking his first nap in a brand new La-Z Boy recliner.
I know the last few months have been tough, but I just want to say how valuable it is to be able to access a brick-and-mortar store with knowledgeable and professional staff - and stock to back up their floor models. Thank you!!" 5-Stars

Theresa S. -  "Yesterday Patti from La-Z-Boy spent nearly two patient hours with me choosing fabric for a sofa and a carpet for my new humble abode.  Patti has a keen sense of aesthetics and an incredible eye for color and design.  I found Patti to be extremely professional, intelligent, warm, thoughtful and kind.  I left skipping on a cloud of gratefulness for having had such a talented sales person assist me with two major purchases.  The furniture, carpets and other items in the store are great too...I will absolutely return to this store for future purchases and will want to be assisted by Patti; she's the real deal! Thank you, Patti!"  5-Stars

Michael C. -  "My wife and I just purchased two recliners at the Santa Rosa store. We could not be happier with the help we received from Patti. Her knowledge, design/color experience, and "no pressure" approach, made the intimidating task enjoyable. It was like working with an old friend!"       5-Stars

Robert J. - "We needed to refurnish our home after a fire. The thought of the many choices facing us was daunting. We were impressed with the wealth of choices available at LazyBoy but still overwhelmed by the number of choices we had to make. Patti suggested we take advantage of the free design service available. Patti and Larry guided us through the decision process. It was painless, creative, thorough and ended in a beautifully matched great room/dining room result." Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 10

Jeannie C. - "We enjoyed one of the very best purchasing experiencing in recent memory, from the very detailed and courteous sales assistance and guidance in selecting what was best for our family, to experiencing a flawless delivery service provided by a very respectful, courteous professional two-man team (Tony & Travis) and now we are thoroughly enjoying in relaxing in our two new leather-covered single and double recliners". Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 10

Christy R. - "We have been working with Patti Stratton for three years. Patti is the ultimate professional that is as excited about our purchase as we are! Patti listens to our needs, desires and concerns and offers options and direction that meet both our visions! We are so excited about our new home and new furniture. Patti makes it easy to be life-long customers of Lazyboy!!"   Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 10

Deborah M. - "Dan assisted me the wife, on Day1, the initial Search. Day2 Doug showed my husband and me the stock again, especially looking for recliner chairs that fit my tall husband. They were both patient and kind, informative and knowledgeable. Excellent staff and should be commended on their service for you. I also was aware of other personnel and how they were working and interacting with other buyers, always kind and smiling. This recliner and Love Seat are third LB purchases, first a three seat set and then two individual rec liner chairs and we always recommend LB" Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 10

Lilli B. - "The personnel at the store were so helpful and courteous and kind and very patient! I was given ample time to "try on" the different recliners and was never pressed to decide or to purchase. On Delivery, Tony was prompt (called to say what time he was to be here and arrived here a few minutes before that time; worked out perfectly for me), so very courteous and pleasant, answered a few questions"  Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 10

"Casey & William were excellent. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It was clear that Casey was new, but he still handled all our questions well. William was perfect at training - jumping in at the right moment, but still letting Casey shine. Overall it was a great experience and they did everything to make us feel happy about our purchase. I would recommend that anyone shop at the Santa Rosa location." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Barbara P. - "The whole experience pleased me. Patty's so warm and friendly, not pushy at all, and I immediately bonded with her. Larry is so creative and put together a design I absolutely love with the sofas I selected, tables, lamps, rugs, artwork, chandelier, etc. I am so excited to see his plan come to life in my house!!!"  Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 10

Daniel P. - "Just a relaxed and comfortable store with beautiful and quality furnishings, the staff was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about the items I was interested in the pembroke sofa and love seat, especially the sales rep Matt wills who helped me immensely"  Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 10

Delivery Experience - "Getting my sofa bed into the house was challenging. The fellows had to go through a side gate, up a couple of steps and through some narrow areas. They were very careful about taking off the feet of the couch, placing a blanket over exposed areas and making sure nothing got snagged on bushes or wood fencing"  Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 10

Tracie M. - "As we entered the store, we were greeted by a sales person and offered something to drink; water, coffee, etc. We were with my son and his wife who purchased their sofa at this store and worked with Dan. Dan was working that day and ended up helping us as well. He asked us some questions about what we were looking for, then guided us to where in the store we could find the kind of sofa we were looking for, and then just let us sit on many couches! He gave us time and space to try out the different couches. When we finally chose a couch and love seat combo, he went over the extended warranty, care of the furniture, delivery date, etc. Dan is an experienced sales person which was evident in our experience at the Santa Rosa, CA store. Added to the experience is the fact that Lazy Boy is a great product, made in the USA! Thank you to the Lazy Boy team in Santa Rosa!!!"  Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 10

Jerry P. - "Both delivery guys were very polite, helpful, informative, and quick. They explained how the back attaches to the seat and how to undo if needed in the future. Asked if I had any questions, advised me where to call if any questions came up later." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 9

"Sales person was very friendly an helpful but not pushy. She welcomed us into the store and asked if there was something she could help with. When we said not at this point, she left us alone and then checked back in later". Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 9

Leta H. - "Salesperson attentive but not overly so. Left us alone when he could tell needed more time and stepped back when asked but also swung by to see if he was needed. Store ambiance very calm and relaxing. All displays very well laid out and tasteful. Salesperson was courteous and well spoken. Location of store in very busy section of Santa Rosa but provided plenty of easy parking spaces including handicapped space by front entrance." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 10

Sharon J. - "Salesman Doug was kind and patient. Helped us choose the best chair." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale): 10

Carol P. - "I was shopping for a power recliner for my semi-disabled 88 year old mother and Matt was very understanding and had good suggestions related to what would best suit her specific needs and abilities. He suggested that a stable chair would be preferable to a rocker and made sure we took her hight and abilities into consideration as we tried out various chairs. He was very supportive and patient as we made up our minds" Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Charles H. - "We were in the market for a small recliner and having previous experience with Lazy-Boy in another state - stopped by to see the offerings. Salesman Matt Wills understood immediately what we were looking for and steered us to a reclinweaway recliner that was just the ticket. After a complete explanation of the Forum model we were sold!! Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Sandra M. - "There was just the right amount of service without any pressure. All questions were answered and the entire process was enjoyable." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

"Sales person, Patty, understood what I needed and didn't waste my time showing me lots of items that I wouldn't be interested in. Also, we have a dog and she was clear about what fabrics would not allow the hair to become imbedded." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Sandy B. - "Matt was very pleasant to work with and even though there was a color selections problem, we went in the following day and he had done research on what sofas offered the color we wanted. He was very thorough and pleasant to work with...he did his homework and guided us in the right direction to help us make our selection. Everything was explained thoroughly and satisfactorily." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Julie H.C. - "I had tried several sofa models and just wasn't as comfy as I wanted them to be. Patty noticed my neck and shoulders needed a specific configuration and showed me the sofa that was a perfect fit for me! It is the sofa we bought! The headrest is adjustable so it fits the curvature of my neck and shoulders!" Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Eileen J. - "Linda helped me on two occasions. Both visits she was very patient and generous with her time. I was there trying chairs for probably an hour. She had a great deal of knowledge about the chairs. For various chairs she would check to see if they could be sold off the floor. A requirement for me to buy anything." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Cindy C. - "Patty, my furniture consultant, was so friendly, helpful, not pushy and understood what my needs were for a new sofa. She rocked the sale! She is the reason I bought the couch from LaZBoy." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Mark A. - "Matt was really nice to deal with. He greeted me first off and then let me roam for a bit which I prefer. When he noticed that I was homing in on a certain item he offered good info. on it,i.e. quality first of course then availability then warranty info. He knows his products and seemed relaxed while going over things." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Debra B. - "When I arrived Scott met us at the door, and explained how the store is set up, and with no pressure let us know he was available if needed" Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

James & Karie K. - "Prompt greeting and engagement. Listening. Answering questions concisely. Pleasant personality interested in my experience. Patient. Thorough." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

"Doug's knowledge was immediately apparent. He was ready to answer our questions as if he knew exactly what we were going to ask. We greatly appreciated his approach which was cordial and non-intimidating. We were allowed to explore the store freely without being hovered over with every step. When we had questions he provided complete and understandable responses. It was a pleasure to have such a knowledgeable, experienced, and respectful sales associate help us. THANK YOU DOUG!" Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Deborah M. ' "You had in stock items that were just right for our needs. Not over priced, and had colors to pick from." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Sandy - "The delivery men were very professional, and personable. They helped to give me little tips on the chair. Called me by my name, and were very curious. Asking if it was ok to set the top half of the chair on my couch. It was fine with me. It was a VERY hot day to be working , making deliveries. I think it was 101 that particular day. We haven't been used to that kind of weather! They also worked very well together. It was a pleasant experience for me, getting my wonderful new recliner, and a great delivery service. I thank you so much." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Jerry P. - "Sales person was very helpful with many good suggestions and questions, but not a pushy, always closing person. Ask what colors both I and my wife, who would be using the chair, location, etc. We forgot to bring some sample fabrics for our other furniture in the room, but I had some photos and Linda worked off that very well." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Todd S. - "Delivery guys were very helpful and professional." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):9

Glen A. - "The time Patty spent with my wife an myself. She was very knowledgeable about the products and fabrics. She was very pleasant an made us feel at ease. She guided us through the entire process of picking out what we were looking for to picking out the fabric/colors for each piece we purchased." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Marianne C. - "Very pleasant staff who offered many suggestions to what I was looking for. Also very patient while I was trying to decide." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

"Customer service was amazing. Sales associate gave me space when I needed it, yet still checked in periodically to answer questions. She also assisted me with the difficult challenges I have with style/color coordination." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Francine E. - "Doug showed every chair that was available, answered all my questions, was very patient while I looked over fabric samples. Overall it was a very pleasant experience, no pressure, no hard sell. I left very satisfied with my purchase." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

OElizabeth B. - "Overall experience. LazyBoy is so professional and a class act! Truly a stress free shopping experience overall" Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Thomas W. - "Matt was extremely helpful and was able to find the exact chairs we wanted and they were already in stock so we are expecting delivery in about two weeks. Matt listened to our needs and reviewed all the options available and even worked with us on insuring the selected chairs would fit in to the color scheme in our great room." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Brandon T. - "The staff was very helpful and informative for my needs. I am tall and finding furniture that is a good fit for me can be difficult. They also showed us how we can adjust the recliner settings for when other people may use the chair. Excellent customer service!"  Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Erica D. - "I love the floor decorations, and I was very impressed with the color choices, the staff was super nice and friendly. Each staff person was smiling, shook your hand and introduce themselves. Very relax atmosphere. When I returned with my husband Scott not only remembered me he remembered my name and he also told my husband I mentioned that he would be joining me when I return to make the final decision . That made my husband very happy. Thank you." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Michele W. - "The atmosphere was very nice and professional and our salesman was amazing he worked very well with myself and my husband. This was a big purchase for us and he made it a wonderful experience. It is hard for my husband and I to agree on the same thing and Scott handled that very well. We will be receiving our furniture in 5 days and we are very excited. Thank you to Scott Stuhlderher and lazboy." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Pamela G. - "Immediate greeting upon entry to store, answered all my questions, spent considerable time making sure I was satisfied. Enjoyed seeing all the designer room set-ups and choice of styles and fabrics. Left the store satisfied with purchase and excited for arrival of new pieces." Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

Stephanie W. - "This is the second time we have dealt with our sales person, Doug, he is very knowledgeable and has the patience needed when buying such a huge item He was prepared for us when we arrived so we did not need to take a lot of time with our order. Also the layout of the store if very inviting; we went through the store looking at rugs, dining tables, and lastly lamps."  Overall Experience Rating (10 Point Scale):10

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