Pet Friendly Fabrics

Pets are tough on furniture. That’s why our durable, cleanable fabrics are perfect for pet homes. (Of course, they’re great for humans, too!)

Cat in chair
Dog and cat

Wear-tested durability

We put our Pet Friendly fabrics through extra testing to simulate the scratches and abrasion that pets dish out.

Moisture repellant

Pet Friendly fabrics feature iClean™ technology that repels liquids before they can turn into stains.

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Easy Maintenance

Look for this Pet Friendly symbol for fabrics that meet our highest standards of durability and cleanability.

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Stylish Colors

Customize your upholstered furniture with Pet Friendly fabrics in a wide assortment of colors.

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Our Promise

In addition to mess-resistant iClean technology, you can rest easy with our 3-year fabric warranty.

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Pets are family

Available exclusively online, La-Z-Boy Pet Beds are specially designed to provide comfort, cooling and pressure relief for all sizes of pets.

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