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Designer Spotlight With Billie Wachman

Getting to Know Billie

From designing a room to managing little ones, Designer Billie Wachman shows how balance is the key to living beautifully.

Designer of the Period - Billie

Billie Wachman is a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Interior Design. For eight years she's worked for La-Z-Boy in our Evans, Georgia store.

Designer of the Period - Billie

What tips do you have for customers looking for a new furniture piece?

Focus on the fit first. Sit down the way you do at home and get really comfortable. We have people bring a book or just sit with their phones. Take your time and see which piece is the best for you. We really have something for everyone.

What is the design tip you just can't stress enough?

Don't get too caught up in trends. We live with constant updates to what is in style and what is out. If you focus instead on what you love you will be much happier.

How do you determine the right style for your customers?

I ask a lot of questions. Some of the questions have nothing to do with interior design. The more I know about someone, the easier it is to pinpoint what style would make them the happiest.

What are your favorite La-Z-Boy fabrics right now and why?

I love the iClean fabrics. I am a mom to three (soon to be four) small children. Most of my home life is consumed with cleaning up little spills. I would redo my entire house with iClean if I could!

Do you have any "go-to" La-Z-Boy styles?

The Collins is the most versatile piece we have. It can go from extremely traditional to transitional easily with the right fabric choices. It is also very comfortable and can handle almost all of our fabrics and leathers.

What is your favorite part of designing a customer's home?

My favorite part of designing a customer's home is getting to know the customer on a personal level. When you are invited into someone's home you get a look into who they are. You get a peek at their family life and get a chance to know them on a different level.

Designer of the Period - Billie

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