Code of Business Conduct & Product Stewardship

As a requirement for doing business with La-Z-Boy, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries, Suppliers are required to conduct business in compliance with the Code of Conduct detailed in Policy 01SCPOL0001-415 (Supplier Code of Conduct).  A copy of this policy may be obtained from a Purchasing representative. To confirm compliance, Suppliers are required to sign the Supplier Code of Conduct on annual basis and may be audited by La-Z-Boy or a 3rd Party auditor at any time.

Product Stewardship

La-Z-Boy Incorporated (LZB) expects that products supplied to LA-Z-BOY INC. AND/OR ITS SUBSIDIARIES will meet all applicable legal requirements during manufacture, distribution and sale.  Supplier products must also meet additional LZB requirements that go beyond compliance in order to reduce the environmental impact of LZB products.

The Supplier is responsible for contacting their suppliers to ensure accurate and complete information is provided to LZB. Documentation and/or test data, including documentation and data from the Supplier’s supply chain, must be kept on file and made available upon request by LZB.

The Supplier is obligated to communicate in writing to LZB any changes, discontinuance, recalls, or non-conformance that could impact the safety, health or environmental performance of a LZB product.

If potential safety, health, environmental or regulatory issues are discovered by LZB or LZB’s customers, which are determined to be the Supplier’s responsibility, the Supplier will be notified.  The Supplier must address the concern in writing within 10 business days to all such notifications.  For Contract Manufacturers, this includes taking immediate steps to address the issue for any work-in-process.

La-Z-Boy’s detailed Supplier Product Stewardship Requirements are found in Procedure 01SCPOL0002-415 Product Stewardship Requirements and may be obtained from a La-Z-Boy purchasing representative.