Quality System Requirements

La-Z-Boy suppliers must operate within a comprehensive Quality Management System which ensures effective 100% on-time delivery of defect-free product. The Quality Management System must be documented and as a minimum address:

  • Product and Process Planning

  • Change Control

  • Corrective and Preventive Action

  • Training

  • Control of Quality Documents

  • Process Control

  • Internal Audit

  • Control of Purchased Product

  • Continuous Improvement

While suppliers are not specifically required to achieve certification to ISO9001:2008, operating within the guidelines of this or similar standards is recommended as a means to meet the Quality System expectations.

Zero Defects

Suppliers shall accept Zero-Defects as the Quality Target and continually pursue action plans to reduce internal and external defect PPM to achieve that target.

Suppliers are fully responsible for the quality of their products, and for assuring their products and/or materials function properly as part of a system or assembly.  Any product not meeting specification may, at La-Z-Boy’s discretion be returned to the Supplier. All costs associated with the non-conforming product will be borne by the supplier.

La-Z-Boy shall conduct random audits of purchased product. Product may be tested by La-Z-Boy laboratories or by an accredited third party laboratory. In the event that the audited product is found to be out of compliance with specifications, the cost of the testing shall be borne by the supplier.

Corrective Action

When nonconforming material is received by a La-Z-Boy location, the location Quality Department shall identify and quarantine all suspect material. The supplier is required to implement containment by quarantining defective material and identifying a clean point for subsequent shipments. The supplier is also required to implement corrective actions to eliminate the root cause of the defect and prevent recurrence.

Suppliers shall be responsible for costs associated with non-conforming material shipped to La-Z-Boy, Inc. facilities.

Continuous Improvement

La-Z-Boy operates in an environment focused on continuous improvement through the application of Lean Manufacturing principles to improve quality, reduce cost and ensure on-time delivery. Suppliers are expected to have active continuous improvement programs to ensure continued competitiveness.

New Product & Process Planning

La-Z-Boy Suppliers shall have effective processes to manage the launch of new products. As a minimum these processes shall address:

  • Process & Material Capability to meet La-Z-Boy Design requirements (e.g. Capability Studies)

  • Long-term Process Control (e.g. Statistical Methods and Control Plans)

  • Risk Identification and Mitigation (e.g. Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Error Proofing)

  • Inspection and Gage Control

  • Effective training of manufacturing personnel

  • For suppliers who provide cut and sewn sets, manufacturing personnel must be trained by La-Z-Boy trainers and meet La-Z-Boy qualification requirements.

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

The purpose of the Production Part Approval Process is to provide evidence that all engineering design specifications and requirements are understood and that the manufacturing process consistently produces product meeting these requirements when run by production personnel on production equipment and tooling at full production rates.

Approval of new parts or parts from new suppliers will follow La-Z-Boy’s Production Part Approval Process.  Specific requirements may vary by part, commodity and business unit, but approval generally requires completion of:

  • Process Flow Diagrams

  • Process Failure Mode and Effects

  • Control Plans

  • Product/Process Capability for all special characteristics

  • Full part dimensional layout for each tooling cavity or each tool

  • Material performance test results (where appropriate)

  • Appearance Approval Report (where appropriate)

  • Bulk Material Checklist (where appropriate)

  • Measurement Systems Analysis

  • Part Submission Warrant

Product/Process Changes

Suppliers, sub-suppliers and sub-contractors shall make no changes to a product (e.g. material, component, subassembly, etc.) or the process used to produce a product without written approval by La-Z-Boy.  This includes changes to sub-suppliers or Process Control Plans.

Changes to product or process may require re-submission of appropriate product approval samples and documentation (PPAP).