Supplier Selection and Approval

In order to promote strong, mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, all new suppliers must first participate in an approval process to help determine if the supplier has the technical, manufacturing, and leadership culture to sustain a long-term relationship with La-Z-Boy.

Prior to being selected to provide product to La-Z-Boy, all suppliers must be approved. The Supplier Approval Process requires:

  1. A Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed.

  2. Supplier submits Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Contact List (Forms available on request).

  3. Onsite assessment performed by La-Z-Boy representative from Supplier Development Team.

    1. This assessment focuses on 4 key areas:

      1. Quality

      2. Leadership

      3. Safety and Environmental

      4. Lean Methods/Continuous Improvement Culture

  4. Following a successful onsite assessment the supplier is presented for approval to the La-Z-Boy Procurement Council.

Receiving approval allows the La-Z-Boy purchasing organizations to source from the supplier if other factors (price, delivery, quality etc.) meet expectations.