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Nashville, TN

You want a room that you’re drawn to, and that’s where Tessa comes in. “Most of my clients start out hesitant, I remind them to have FUN and follow their gut!” She loves creating comfortable spaces with pieces that flow well together.

Design badges:

Couples Collaborator
Blending styles for a look you’ll both love.

Space Maximizer
Creative space planning and room flow.

Mix Master
Mixing and matching patterns in unique ways.

Modern Farmhouse
Creating cozy, warm spaces with rustic charm.

Pet Pro
Styles and décor that stand up to pets.

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Q & A

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What tips do you have for clients looking for a new furniture piece?

I tell almost every client to find what’s comfortable first and then we can work on making it look good. It’s easy to get too focused on the aesthetic and ignore how a piece actually feels. Most of my clients start out hesitant, I remind them to have FUN and follow their gut! Don’t get too hung up on a certain style, I help them notice what they’re naturally drawn to, and go from there. Not every leg style needs to match. Not every arm needs to be rolled. Aim for curated…not matching.

What are your favorite La-Z-Boy fabrics right now? Do you have any “go-to” La-Z-Boy styles?

Merit fabric, I’m looking at you! I absolutely love it, and I know I’m not alone. It’s soft yet has textural and color variation; that combo is always a win! I’m also a big fan of the Flicker fabric. A small scale pattern like that is indispensable. As far as a go-to style, can you really go wrong with a Collins sectional? My clients go nuts over it.

Do you have a favorite design story?

The La-Z-Boy corporate office contacted me and told me about a family who spent a lot of time at the Ronald McDonald House here in Nashville. They were the sweetest, most genuine people. They had never had new furniture in this room—mostly second-hand and antique pieces. The best part—and why this is my favorite design—is that La‑Z‑Boy gifted them the entire room which would have been about $20k. The pride I felt in representing that kind of generosity was priceless—as was their reaction to their new room.


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