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Labor Day Sale - Celebrate & save in-store and online! Recliners starting at $399.

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CaseyRocking Recliner

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Jasper Rocking Recliner

JasperRocking Recliner

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Kipling Rocking Recliner

KiplingRocking Recliner

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Maverick High Leg Recliner

MaverickHigh Leg Recliner

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Morrison Rocking Recliner

MorrisonRocking Recliner

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Murray Rocking Recliner

MurrayRocking Recliner

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Dixie Sofa


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Easton Reclining Sofa

EastonReclining Sofa

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Meyer Sofa


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Jay Reclining Sofa

JayReclining Sofa

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Jake Leather Sofa

JakeLeather Sofa

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James Reclining Sofa

JamesReclining Sofa

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Power and/or Airform™ upgrades available on select reclining styles.

Makenna duo®

Makenna duoPower Reclining Sofa

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Bennett duoPower Reclining Sofa

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