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It all began back in 1928. Two young cousins, Edwin J. Shoemaker and Edward M. Knabusch, joined together to design a chair that would add both comfort and enjoyment to the lives of millions of families – and the world’s first recliner was born! What began in the small community of Monroe, Michigan has expanded beyond recliners with thousands of dedicated workers in manufacturing facilities across North America. Learn more about La-Z-Boy.

Iconic La-Z-Boy furniture is a reflection of the pride, effort and talent of American workers who build our products from the ground up every day. Our reputation for excellence and, ultimately, your satisfaction depend on the skilled artisans who stamp the steel, cut the lumber, carve the polyurethane foam and handcraft the assembly. We’re passionate. We’re a team. And we’re driven to manufacture the highest-quality, most innovative seating in the world. That’s the American way. See why “Made in America” makes a difference in our quality ... and your comfort.