Pets are

Give yours the premium comfort and support they deserve, with Pet Beds by La-Z-Boy. Available exclusively online.

How does your pet sleep?

Find a bed that suits your pet’s sleeping position. Then, choose a color and style to match your decor.

This calm and carefree pet feels safe and comfortable sleeping with his tummy exposed.

Recommended bed: Sofa Bed, Sofa, Chaise Lounger

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This pet feels comfortable and confident in his home, and loves to sleep fully exposed.

Recommended bed: Sofa Bed, Mattress, Lounger

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The Donut Sleeper likes to curl up in a protective position for warmth and security.

Recommended bed: Sofa Bed, Sofa, Lounger, Cuddler

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This playful pet sleeps stretched out like a superhero, and is ready to go after waking up!

Recommended bed: Lounger, Chaise Lounger

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Cuddler pet bed


Ideal for cats and small-to-medium sized dogs that curl up when they sleep, cuddlers have a soft bolster “wall” that makes pets feel safe and secure as they sleep.

Fold-out sofa pet bed

Fold-Out Sofa Bed

Just like our versatile sleepers, fold-out sofa beds are ideal for sitting and napping by day, and expand for sleeping at night.

Lounger pet bed


Loungers provide the comfort and support of a mattress, with a super soft bolster for optional head and neck support.

Sofa pet bed


Our premium pet sofas are smart and sophisticated, with solid wood frames and feet, and covered with durable furniture-grade upholstery. Sitting a few inches off the ground, they're easy for pets to hop on and off.

Sofa bed pet bed


Provide some human-grade luxury for your furry friend! Chaise will add a touch of class to your home while providing comfort for your pet to easily enjoy.

Handcrafted Quality

La-Z-Boy Pet Beds are created with furniture-grade materials to ensure the health and comfort of our four-legged friends.

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Dog on Solana Chaise Lounger

American Heritage

La-Z-Boy Pet Beds are filled and shipped from Arlington, Texas. Because we believe it’s important to know where pet products are made.

Dog on Rosie Lounger


Translation: “My new La-Z-Boy Pet Bed is SOOO soft and comfortable.”

Charlie, Brooklyn, NY


Translation: “This ComfortCore® GEL cushion is amazing. Thank you!”

Bella, Tallahassee, FL


Translation: “I love it!”

Buddy, Portland, OR