Trails Erwin Side Chair

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Style Number:  813-620H

Erwin Side Chair

As the world around us grows increasingly synthetic, we have this desire to connect with something real.  We long for retreat.  Instead of rushing to the next appointment, to simply pass along the trail and enjoy what it has to offer.  At Kincaid we feel this connection too.  To not only be inspired by our favorite trails, but to capture their natural character.  In an increasingly artificial world, why not come home to something authentic, peaceful, and timeless. 

The Trails Collection by Kincaid is inspired by the pinnacle of cohesive design – nature.  The collection blends textures, colors, and materials found in the great outdoors in a way that is uniquely suited to Kincaid.  For instance, the natural texture and form of a tree is evident in a bed post; or how the gray color of rocks in a riverbed blend against their surroundings; or where the finish of a table mimics the sandy tones of sediment along a trail.  Regionally, Trails takes cues from the rich earth tones found along the Appalachian Trail to the lighter shades of the trails around Santa Cruz or the tapestry of colors found fishing along the headwaters of the Colorado River.


  • Body Depth: 25.5
  • Body Height: 40.0
  • Body Width: 21.0

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Design Elements and Features

      Solid Wood

Other Details

White Oak

Trails Erwin Side Chair


  • Body Width: 21.0

Dimensions Diagram

Kincaid Solid Wood Disclaimer

Kincaid, in keeping with its tradition in styling, materials and finish, crafts its furniture collections using primarily solid woods selected for grain clarity, color coordination and design. Combinations of different solid wood species are used within each collection. Not all exposed surfaces of every collection are constructed of solid wood. Wood products, multi-layered plywood, veneers and laminates are used for certain structural elements, including exposed surfaces that support leather, cane wicker and other non-wood materials, as well as in select components including some decorative table tops, table skirts, bed rails, interior surfaces, back panels, pullout trays, serving surfaces, etc. Some of our furniture features metal, stone, marble, granite or a composite material with the appearance of these elements.

Kincaid Wood Care

Many of the collections we produce use lumber with specific characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots, worm holes, and striped or tiger wood. These characteristics are not defects; they are nature's signature that can be found in certain species of wood. Since every tree is different, there may be wide variations in graining, markings, or shading on the same piece and between different pieces of furniture.

We use a lacquer coat as our final finishing process, which adds to the great depth and clarity of our finish. Lacquer finishes may be cleaned by wiping the surface with a soft cloth dampened with water. Our recommended cleaning solution is to mix one tablespoon of vinegar to one quart of water. Use a soft cloth and wipe with the grain. Use another clean, soft cloth to wipe up any excess liquid to make certain the surface is completely dry.

Here are a few suggestions to keep your furniture looking beautiful for generations:

  • Modern finishes are formulated to have a high degree of resistance to color change. However, most lacquers and lumbers will darken, or amber, over time. To minimize this effect, furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. If sunlight cannot be avoided it is recommended to rotate the piece(s) periodically to get even exposure.
  • All spills should be wiped off as soon as possible, including food and beverages, to reduce the chances of staining or leaving a ring or spot in the finish.
  • Furniture should not be exposed to extreme humidity or temperature. This can cause both the wood and the lacquer to crack.
  • Avoid the use of cheap, oily polishes or waxes. They will collect dust and over time leave a waxy build up or film of grime.
  • Extremely hot (coffee cups, dishes, cigarettes) and cold (drink cans) items should not be placed directly on the finish. This could damage the wood and the finish.
  • Avoid the use of rubber, vinyl, and plastics items such as some placemats, TV pads, lamp pads, etc., as they may cause deterioration of the finish. We recommend using cloth backed items for these purposes.

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