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Corporate Commitment

About La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy

La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy Incorporated brings the transformational power of comfort to people, homes, and communities around the world—a mission that began when its founders invented the iconic recliner in 1927. Today, the company operates as a vertically integrated furniture manufacturer and retailer, committed to uncompromising quality and compassion for its consumers.

The Retail segment consists of 184 company-owned La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy Furniture Galleries® stores, and is part of a broader network of over 350 La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy Furniture Galleries® that, with La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠, serve customers nationwide. Joybird®, an ecommerce retailer and manufacturer of modern upholstered furniture, has 12 stores in the U.S. In the Wholesale segment, La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy manufactures comfortable, custom furniture for its Furniture Galleries® and a variety of retail channels, England Furniture Co. offers custom upholstered furniture, and casegoods brands Kincaid®, American Drew®, and Hammary® provide pieces that make every room feel like home.

Principles of our founders

By honoring the past and embracing the future, La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy has stayed true to the principles of our founders as we continue to bring quality and comfort to people around the world, as we enrich people’s lives by turning houses into homes.

Getting started

In 1927, in a garage in Monroe, Michigan, cousins Edwin J. Shoemaker and Edward M. Knabusch designed the reclining wood-slat chair.

Innovative pioneers

This chair launched the world-renowned La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy brand and a new category in furniture — the iconic recliner.

Dreams fulfilled

Their story is a testament to the American Dream, and their uncompromising spirit continues to be the driving force behind the La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy brand.

Legacy continues

Today, our dedicated employees continue their legacy and build upon their innovative vision by upholding their commitment to quality, craftsmanship and American heritage.

Long-term value

La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy is dedicated to providing quality products and outstanding service to our customers, offering employees an inspiring work environment and operating with unwavering integrity.

Environmentally vigilant

We are also vigilant with regard to the environment, integrating sustainable business practices to reduce the impact of our operations both locally and globally.

Product quality & craftsmanship

La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy is committed to crafting products that meet or exceed industry standards for quality and safety.

Through comprehensive research and development, North American manufacturing of our upholstered furniture utilizing our world-class global supply chain, and prudent sourcing of casegoods, we strive to consistently deliver products that live up to the La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy name.

Integrity, compliance & ethics

For more than 95 years, the La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy brand has focused on the core values of honesty and integrity. We are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our business operations. La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy employees, from our manufacturing facilities, regional distribution centers and stores, to our corporate offices, are committed to this core tenet.

Code of Conduct

The La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy Incorporated Code of Conduct provides a clear and thorough standard of ethics for all employees, officers and directors with respect to interacting with customers, vendors and fellow employees. Our Code of Conduct is fully endorsed by the company’s Board of Directors, which oversees its compliance. Effective date for the current Code of Conduct is January 2021.

Ethics hotline

We maintain a toll-free Ethics Hotline where employees across the globe can confidentially report concerns and/or violations of our Code of Conduct. Operated by a third party, this line is available 24/7 with all reports taken by trained professionals and promptly forwarded to our legal department. Alternatively, employees may communicate their concerns through a dedicated online portal.

Fighting forced and child labor

La-Z-Boy is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and transparency in our operations. Our annual report outlines our continuous efforts to prevent and mitigate the risk of forced and child labor within our supply chains, in compliance with our values and legal requirements.

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Supplier code of conduct

As a requirement of doing business with La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy and its subsidiaries, our suppliers are required to conduct business in compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct:

Suppliers meet legal requirements

It is our expectation that any product supplied to us adheres to all applicable legal requirements for manufacturing, distribution and sale.

Suppliers meet internal requirements

Our team works closely with suppliers to ensure their business practices, with respect to ethics, quality, fair labor, safety and environmental policies, conform to our expectations and standards. Suppliers must also meet additional requirements, established by La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy, that help reduce the environmental impact of La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy products.

Their suppliers meet all requirements

Our suppliers are responsible for ensuring that their suppliers comply with La⁠-⁠Z⁠-⁠Boy requirements, with documentation and verification available to us.

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