& environment

At La-Z-Boy, we understand the impact our operations have on the environment, both locally and globally. That’s why we’re committed to integrating environmentally sound and sustainable business practices into everything we do. Our goal is to craft high-quality products, while having the least environmental impact. 

Conservation & resource management

We constantly monitor our manufacturing processes to minimize waste generation and the water and energy we use.

22% less energy

consumed over the past nine years for manufacturing.

11 million pounds

of landfill waste eliminated per year over the past nine years.

94% waste is reused

We reuse, recycle or reutilize 94% of our manufacturing waste.

Zero waste to landfill

Over nine of our facilities are zero waste to landfill.

We have greatly reduced our use of landfills or other off-site disposal means, and over nine of our facilities are zero waste to landfill. As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, we continue to improve the efficiency of our operations, increase our use of recycled materials, and control raw material waste.

Corporate-owned La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries stores are reducing their carbon footprint by decreasing energy use and utilizing greener construction materials, eco-friendly light bulbs, paint and flooring.

We continue to seek and embrace additional sustainable initiatives and best practices, including opportunities to incorporate renewable energy sources. Our Severn, Maryland store now relies on a rooftop solar energy system for 75% of its energy needs.

Commitment to Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture (EFEC) & inclusive culture

La-Z-Boy believes in our collective responsibility to manage and protect the world’s natural resources for future generations.

As part of that responsibility, we are EFEC registered and have implemented the EFEC comprehensive environmental management program. The EFEC program’s eleven elements establish measurable goals for reducing our environmental footprint.

EFEC trained employees

Employees at our registered plants have gone through EFEC training programs and characterized their facility-specific environmental footprint.

Developed eco-plans

In addition to adopting the EFEC program’s eleven elements, we have developed plans for energy, water and waste reduction at each facility.

Our EFEC registered facilities include the La-Z-Boy USA Residential Manufacturing plants, La-Z-Boy Casegoods (Kincaid, American Drew and Hammary) and our World Headquarters in Monroe, Michigan. Our World Headquarters is also LEED-certified. Located in Saltillo, Mexico, our Cut and Sew Center was the first international facility in our industry to be EFEC registered. In addition, La-Z-Boy USA Residential Manufacturing, Kincaid and American Drew are Sustainable by Design (SBD) registered, meaning their global supply partners must also manage their environmental performance.