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If my furniture needs service or replacement parts, and I move or don't have access to my original dealer, who should I contact?

Every authorized La-Z-Boy dealership employs knowledgeable, well-trained service personnel to assist customers. In the event that your furniture requires service assistance or replacement parts, please contact your nearest dealer. For a listing of all authorized La-Z-Boy dealers, visit our Store Locator. Please have your dated receipt as proof of purchase available as well as the information listed on the product identification tag stapled below your furniture.

My dealer has placed an order for furniture or parts? Can I check the status?

Please contact the authorized dealer from whom you placed your order. They will be able to assist you in determining when to expect your replacement part(s) or new furniture.

My dealer is going to charge me for labor to repair my furniture. Isn't this covered under my lifetime warranty?

It depends on when you purchased your furniture if labor charges are covered under the La-Z-Boy Limited Lifetime Warranty. To review warranty information, please visit our Parts and Warranty page.

The dealer is charging me with a trip fee to come to my home. Isn't this covered under my lifetime warranty?

Every La-Z-Boy product is warranted by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, which is one of the best warranties in the industry. While the dealers, who are experts in the field, provide service under the warranty, there may be some additional charges such as trip fees, and/or inspection fees that our warranty does not provide for. Please be sure to check with your dealer when contacting them for service.

If I have a question regarding billing or financing, who should I contact?

Please be sure to contact the independent retail dealership from whom you made your purchase. La-Z-Boy Incorporated does not handle billing or financing for any of the authorized dealerships. Since these dealers establish their own policies and procedures regarding the terms of the sale, billing, financing, etc., any questions regarding the sale of your furniture should be directed to them.

I plan to purchase a lift chair from La-Z-Boy and send paperwork into Medicare for partial reimbursement. Do you have the NSC number that Medicare requires?

Dealers who sell our products, including lift chairs, are retailers of residential furniture, not medical equipment. Neither they nor we have an NSC number as our products do not meet the Medicare requirements.