Thank you for your support

To show healthcare workers how much they are appreciated, La-Z-Boy called on you to help send #OneMillionThanks to these brave men and women. We can’t thank you enough for all the heartfelt messages of support.

Now, we are donating furniture to frontline nurses across the country so they can have the comfort they deserve. Watch the story of one of these amazing nurses who has experienced the pandemic firsthand.

Meet Crystal. COVID-19 Cardiac Unit Healthcare Worker.

Hear the story of one hard-working nurse from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles who lives her calling every day by helping others … and finds joy in their recovery, your appreciation, and some well-deserved comfort from La-Z-Boy.

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Use your imagination to come up with a creative show of support. Take photos or capture the whole thing on video.

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Post your message on your social media channels with #OneMillionThanks.

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Check back often to see what others are sharing and to see if your message is included in our compilation video.

See how people are helping us send #OneMillionThanks to healthcare workers.

Ideas for Showing Thanks

Write Your Own Haiku

A great way to thank healthcare workers for all they’ve done is to tell them with kind words. You can record a message, sing a song, or write a haiku.

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Origami Hearts

Origami art is a decorative show of support to healthcare workers. You can make almost anything you want. All you need is a piece of paper.

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Thank-You Card

You might not be able to mail healthcare workers a thank-you card, but you can send them your love with one all the same. Make a card, and send it to all of them with #OneMillionThanks.

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DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

You can send healthcare workers a colorful message of appreciation using items you have around the house. All you need is cornstarch, food coloring, and a little creativity.

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Downloadable Coloring Page

An art piece is a creative way to show healthcare workers how much you appreciate all they do. This coloring page is a simple and fun way for your kids to get involved.

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Downloadable Stencil

Use this stencil to turn any fabric into a show of support. You can decorate a tote bag, or make your own #OneMillionThanks shirt that you can wear while you record your message to healthcare workers.

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How we’re helping

La-Z-Boy cares logo
Pallets of food and workers providing meals

The La-Z-Boy Foundation provided a grant to the Pandemic Response Program, providing meals for those in need and temporary housing for the homeless.

Kitchen staff packing suppers

The La-Z-Boy Foundation has provided a $50,000 grant to assist with free supper programs.

Police officer wearing face shield

The La-Z-Boy Foundation is keeping first responders safe by providing grants for face shields.

La-Z-Boy team delivering masks to hospital worker

Our facility in Saltillo, Mexico, has been producing masks for local hospitals.

La-Z-Boy employees providing protective gear to sherrif

Our facility in Newton, Mississippi, has been producing protective gear to assist the local sheriff’s department.

Worker with face mask carrying a box outside of Salvation Army

The La-Z-Boy Foundation has provided grants to ensure local nonprofits can keep their staff safe while serving the community.

Workers behind bags and boxes of personal protective equipment

Our facility in Newton, Mississippi, has been providing Rush Medical Systems with masks to assist them with their vital work.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a frontline nurse and would like to know, how do I receive a furniture donation?

There is no need to apply. We are working with local hospitals and the American Nurses Association. Nurses selected will be notified directly.

How do I participate in the One Million Thanks campaign and show thanks to frontline healthcare workers?

If you would like to show your appreciation to frontline healthcare workers and participate in La-Z-Boy’s One Million Thanks campaign, simply use your imagination to come up with a creative show of support, take photos or video, and post your message on your social media channels with #OneMillionThanks.

How are frontline nurses who receive a furniture donation being selected?

La-Z-Boy is working with local hospitals and the American Nurses Association to randomly select nurses across the country to receive the furniture donation.

Do you have any recommendations on creative ways to show support for frontline nurses?

Yes! On this page, above, we have a couple of creative ways that you can show your support.


DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

What you’ll need

  1. Cornstarch
  2. Food coloring
  3. Jar or bowl
  4. Paint brushes


  1. Make your colors
    Mix 1 tablespoon cornstarch with 2 tablespoons of water and 3 drops of food coloring in a jar or bowl. Be sure to make all the colors you’ll want, so you’ll have them on hand when painting.
  2. Head outside and use your imagination
    Find a quiet stretch of sidewalk or cement and let your imagination run free. You can make anything you want to show healthcare workers you care. At first the chalk paint will look just like paint, but don’t worry, when it dries it can wash off easily like chalk.
  3. Share
    Snap pictures or take a video of the whole process and be sure to share on your social media channels with #OneMillionThanks.

Downloadable Stencils

What you’ll need

  1. Heavy stock printer paper
  2. Utility knife
  3. Tape
  4. Fabric
  5. Paint, paintbrush or sponge (you can also use color markers)


  1. Download and print
    We recommend using heavy stock paper if you have it. This will ensure that your stencil is sturdy and will hold its shape.
  2. Cutting out your stencil
    Place your paper on a piece of cardboard to make sure that you do not damage your table or other surface when cutting. Then use a utility knife to cut around the black areas of the printed image. Be careful not to trim floating pieces of the paper.
  3. Placing your stencil
    Place the item you want to color with your stencil on a flat surface. It is a good idea to place another piece of heavy stock paper or cardboard between the fabric and your surface, so that if the paint bleeds, it won’t make a mess. If you are painting a shirt or a bag, it is a good idea to put another piece of cardboard inside, so that the paint doesn’t bleed through to the other side of the item.
  4. Position your stencil
    Use tape to lock your stencil in place on your fabric.
  5. Paint your stencil
    Use a brush or sponge to dab paint into the fabric through the shapes you have cut out of your stencil. Don’t worry about getting paint on the stencil paper. If you don’t have a brush or sponge, you can use old rags to dab the paint on. Or if you prefer, you can use color markers. Be careful not to get paint under the stencil. Keep it only in the spaces that you have cut out.
  6. Finishing
    Be sure to wait until your paint is fully dry before removing the stencil, otherwise you might smudge the paint. To speed up the process you can use a hair dryer on a low setting. Once the paint is dry, peel off the stencil.
  7. Show support
    Now you have a lasting way to show your support for healthcare workers. Be sure to share with #OneMillionThanks.

Downloadable Coloring Page

What you’ll need

  1. Printer paper
  2. Coloring supplies


  1. Gather your things
    Just print the coloring page, then give it your own personal touch. Keep a few blank pages on hand, because you just might get inspired to create something completely new.
  2. Share
    Be sure to share your art work on social media with #OneMillionThanks. You might inspire your friends to show their support for healthcare workers, too.

Write Your Own Haiku

Haikus are short poems that even a beginner can write. They consist of three lines with specific lengths, which don’t necessarily have to rhyme.

5 Syllables
7 Syllables
5 Syllables

Record yourself reading your poem or, if you are shy, write it down on a piece of paper and snap a picture. Then share with #OneMillionThanks.

If you think of something longer than a haiku, even better! There is no one way to say thank you.


Origami Hearts

What you’ll need

  1. Square paper (A4 paper works, but also coloring paper, or gift wrap with a nice pattern.)


  1. Lay your paper so that the color or pattern is facing down.
  2. Fold the paper in half to form a triangle.
  3. Open it and fold in half again the other way.
  4. The paper should now be divided into four triangles.
  5. Fold the top point down to meet the center point where your previous folds meet.
  6. Take the bottom point and fold it up to meet the top of your paper.
  7. Take the right-hand side of your paper and fold it up to meet the center crease.
  8. Repeat the last step on the left. You should now be able to see a heart shape.
  9. Flip your heart over and fold over the left and right points.
  10. Do the same for the top two points and flip it back over. Now you have an origami heart.
  11. Make as many hearts as you want and use them to decorate your room, or tape them to a window so everyone can see.
  12. Take pictures or videos and share with #OneMillionThanks.

Thank-You Card

There is no one way to make a thank-you card from your heart. Just start with a piece of paper and make it as simple or creative as you’d like. When you’re done, snap a picture of your handwritten message, or record yourself reading it aloud. When you share with #OneMillionThanks, your message will have the potential to reach millions.